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Priority Services4u are a care provider providing experienced social care staff to all types of care services. We are working closely with Wokingham and Reading borough council and other care providers throughout West Berkshire to develop a staffing service which fully meets the needs of a busy care environment.

By listening carefully to both staffs and employers, we ensure that our care staff are placed in assignments to which they are ideally suited. This allows priority care staff to enjoy their work, while our clients benefit from care agency staff with the skills and aptitudes needed for the particular circumstances of care.

our exceptional employees goes beyond and above in making the differences into our client’s lives. At Priority Services4u we look after all our employees and offer a fun, friendly and supportive work environment which enable them to grow and develop into their best.

These amazing care staffs can be deployed to cover various fields of care needs and social care including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities, Elderly Services, Homecare, Palliative care, Complex Care, and Day Services of all kinds. We also supply bespoke care packages to local authority community care teams.

We acknowledge and understand that:

  • A busy care service is a demanding environment and there are many different reasons why you may have staffing needs at any given time.

  • You may have very specific requirements about the care agency worker you wish to come to your service.

  • You need to be kept informed of what progress the care agency is making in covering any shift you have requested.

  • Your clients and your staff will benefit from continuity in your agency cover.

  • You need the assurance that the care agency complies with all regulations and supplies you with only fully-vetted and cleared care staff.

  • You require best value care agency rates.

We provide you with a friendly and efficient service which satisfies all these requirements while placing the least demand on the time of busy home manager. Attention to detail and vast experience of care staff recruitment allows us to select and provide the temporary or permanent care workers who have the skills, experience and aptitude to fit in with your service.

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Our Company’s Key Values

  1. Adopt best practice

We committed to adopting best practices and continuous improvement to achieve the level of excellence.

  1. Institute quality assurance, not quality inspection

We will institute Quality assurance, based on improvement principles, we believe this will, over time, lead to responsibility for quality service being shouldered throughout the organisation.

  1. Maintain consistency of purpose

We plan, work responsibly and creatively, to ensure that resources are utilized effectively to maintaining quality and going concern for the organization in the short and long term.

  1. End lowest-tender contracts

We constantly examine our supply and customer relationships, to provide the best value for the service, not just the lowest cost.

  1. Constantly improve the system

We work in a way that improves the workflow on our planning and service delivery and promotes innovation and creativity to facilitate improvement on the system and quality.

  1. Institute training on the job

Employees, including the manager, will be encouraged to constantly update and improve their skills, by on and off the job methods.

  1. Institute leadership

The managers will focus on quality, consistency, and communication that focus and be action-oriented.

  1. Drive out anxiety

We will encourage effective two-way communication to drive anxiety out of the organization to enable the team to work effectively and efficiently.

  1. Break down barriers

We will break down barriers between management and staff and encourage the team to work in cross-dimensional.

  1. Eliminate exhortations

We work hard to develop our staff to ensure they understand what they are doing, and expected off, and provide training and tools to do their job as a  way to quality improvement rather than slogans, posters and exhortations.

  1. Permit pride in workmanship

We encourage staff to pride in their good quality workmanship, to improve their sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction.

  1. Encourage education

We encourage our staffs to continuously improve themselves along with their ambitions.

  1. Top management’s commitment

Top management’s is permanently committed to quality assurance, and hence we must take continuous actions to ever-improving quality throughout the organization.

You’re in good Hands

The agency listened carefully to my requirements and concerns. They acted in a timely and professional manner and were swift to source the required help. They dealt with queries promptly and were always available when I made contact. I felt fully supported and reassured by the agency and would highly  recommend them


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